Renewals Help


Follow this step-by-step guide to renew your membership quickly and easily.  

  1. Just before renewals are due, you will receive an automated email from PASA Admin reminding you to renew.  
    • The email will display the link to your personal online renewal form.   
  2. When you are ready to renew, all information on PASA's records will already be completed for you in the form.  You only need to confirm what is there and update what has changed.   
    • Ensure you have your log book on hand (or at least knowledge of your jump numbers in the last year and last 3 months.
  3. Click the renewal link in the email to go to your form.
    • This link is unique to each member so you can't click somebody else's link - you MUST click the link that was emailed to you personally.
  4. When the form opens in a webpage, you will see most of your details are already completed.
  5. At any point during the process, you can save what you have done to continue at another stage.  To do this, just click the SAVE button at the bottom of the form.  You can return to the form by clicking the emailed link again.  What you completed will still be there. 
  6. Sections 1 and 2 (everyone must complete)
    • Confirm the information there is correct, updating as necessary.
    • When selecting disciplines, hold the Ctrl key down to select more than one.  
  7. Section 3 (New Licence Application):
    • ONLY select a licence if you are applying for a NEW licence.
    • Complete the requirements as prompted.
    • Click on apply to route the application to your Chief Instructor for approval.  
  8. Section 4 (New Rating Application):
    • ONLY select a rating here if you are applying for a NEW rating. 
    • Complete the requirements and upload any supporting documentation, as may be required.
    • Click on apply to route the application to your Chief Instructor for approval.  
  9. Section 5 (Rating Renewals):
    • You will see your existing ratings listed.
    • ONLY select the ratings here that you are RENEWING.
    • Click on apply to route the application to your Chief Instructor for approval.
  10. Check through your form to ensure everything is correct.   
  11. To save and submit your application to PASA, click Save and Apply for Renewal.  If you want to save what you have done and return later to complete and/or submit, click Save.  
  12. Remember that your renewal application is only submitted when you click Save and Apply for Renewal. Until then, PASA will NOT receive anything from you
  13. Remember too that you need to deposit your fees before PASA will activate your received renewal.  You will be reminded of this when you submit your application.
  14. This concludes your General renewal application.  
  15. Read the confirmation message that pops up when you submit - it contains instructions on what is left to do.
  16. If you have applied for a new licence or rating or for a rating renewal, after your CI has approved your application, it will route to the NSTO and, finally, to the admin office where we will check that the required payment has been received before processing.
  17. If you have not applied for a new licence and have no rating renewals or applications then all that is left is to deposit the required amount (detailed in your form) and send proof to PASA. An indicative calculator is available at the end of the renewal process to assist.
  18. Once your application has been processed, you will receive a confirmation email.