Nationals 2013
SA National Championships 2013
Formation Skydiving, Artistic Events and Canopy Piloting Final Results

Final results for the Classic Accuracy event: 

Name R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 Total
Tim Mace 09 00 07 03 01 20
Eric Vliegenthart 06 16 16 05 12 55
Simba Marcellin 06 06 02 16 06 36
Trishan Kommal 16 16 16 16 16 80
Corne Myburgh 02 03 16 06 04 31
Monnapule Matebele 16 16 16 16 16 80
Laurel Thatcher 09 05 09 00 05 28
Martin Gopane  14  16  16  16  16  78


Final results for the Style event: 

Name R1
Simba Marcellin 13.00
Corne 11.60
Trishan 16.00
Tim 9.85
Norman 13.20
Eric 9.90

Results for the 10-Way Speed Star event:

Pos Team Round 1 Round 2
Time Held? Jumpers In Time Held? Jumpers In
1 901 - Impossible 28.55s Yes 10 30.44s Yes 10
2 902 - JAVOLO 16.43s No 10 15.53s Yes 10
3 904 - Ten To Tango N/A No 8 34.83s No 10
4 903 - Suck My Dock N/A No 5 N/A No 4


The competition is complete! The final Intermediate Canopy Piloting rounds were completed along with some fun 10-Way Speed Stars.

The final results can be viewed above (Style & Accuracy, 10-Way Speed Star), and here for the Formation Skydiving, Artistic Events and Canopy Piloting Results.



The majority of the competition was completed today, with just a couple of loose ends to tie up.

All results excluding Style and Accuracy are available here.

Some speed star action is planned for tomorrow with the awards ceremony later in the afternoon.



Today started a little bit colder than the previous days, but it turned into yet another beautiful day for jumping. 

Freefly Open is done and dusted - the Free Radicals taking the gold in this event. The Freefly Intermediate event is in full swing and currently in the lead after 2 rounds is AKA Smoking and the Bandits with PSC FF right behind them. 

Due to many competitors competing in more than one event the 2-way FS events have teams with differing number of rounds completed, so today we will get a clearer idea of how the leaders in these events will be shaping up as the rounds start filling up.

In the 4-way events Terminal Terrors is leading the 4-way novice, Scramble the 4-way Intermediate and Jazz Republic the 4-way Open (although the team right behind them, SAVOLO, is still one round short of the rest of the open teams).

In Canopy Piloting Chris Teague is ahead in the Open distance event, with Nicholas Scalabrino leading the distance event in the Intermediate category.

We will also see if we can get some of the Style and Accuracy results on the site today.



Another beautiful day allowed for a full day of competition, and all events are now well underway.  The 4-way open is tight, with SAVOLO and Jazz Republic tied in the lead after 4 rounds.  Accuracy Landing and CP has started but we have not yet seen the scores posted online - possibly because the fairly small judging team has been running back and forth between the various events.

We're excited to see an increase in the Artistics participation this year.  Freefly Open is currently completed up to the 3rd round.

The other events are a little staggered in their completion levels due to competitors entered in multiple events.  The 2-way Open has however started and is delivering - as expected - some speed and close competition.



The official training day is over - 24 loads of perfect weather in Carletonville, as predicted for the entire meet.

The draws are also released and the drop zone was alive with activity as teams prepped for the first rounds.  The 4-way Open draw is a medium-paced draw, with M-9-7 being the fast round for the meet.  Blocks 3, 10 and 17 landed up in the jump-off, taking with it a lot of the slot-switching, but there are a few teams who would have liked to see them in the meet none-the-less.

The Open 2-way is going to be a true hummer this year, with a strong turnout of very experienced jumpers.  It will be a great showcase of fast vs clean and will certainly be one to watch!

Check out the draws below:

Event  R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 R7 R8 R9 R10
FS 2-Way
15 12 6 7 4 1 11 5 9 3 8 2        
FS 2-Way
7 1 9 12 8 14 3 5 15 10 6 2        
FS 4-Way
F C D P Q L A M H K G O B N J E O D        
FS 4-Way
E C 2 H D G 19 Q P 9 F A M N 15 6 J 4 21        
FS 4-Way
C L 1 G D 14 J 21 M 9 7 E 6 N 4 B 15 12 H F 11 O P 19 8 5 A 20 K Q 16 13 22 2 18
 FF Inter    2 3 6    1 6 5            


Team 1Pointers from EP Skydivers walking a jump


Chris Teague

Chris Teague testing out the JSC pond


Tim Mace

Tim Mace coming in for an accuracy landing