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Parachute Association of South Africa

PASA is a non-profit association of members with the mission statement: "To foster, develop and facilitate sport parachuting, in all its facets, within South Africa, in the safest and most progressive manner, on behalf of its members."

For many people the words parachuting and skydiving conjure up images of adrenalin junkies and daredevils with little regard for their own safety. One of the questions most frequently asked of sport parachutists is, "who in their right mind would want to willingly throw themselves out of a perfectly serviceable aircraft?"

In truth, sport parachuting is a disciplined sport that operates within rigidly defined and enforced safety parameters as set out in PASA’s Manual of Procedures. This Manual has been ratified by the South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA) and is the basis upon which PASA has been approved as an Aviation Recreation Organisation. The safety and training standards contained in the manual are on a par or better than international standards and must be adhered to by all affiliated drop zones and members in South Africa.

Skydiving Records

Want to attempt a record, browse the categories or see who holds what records?  

A new records management facility has been added to the PASA Administration system, keeping our records safer, more organised and much easier for you to access via the PASA website records page.  Records can be registered, stored, managed and displayed in a structured and standardised format. When records are beaten, or categories retired, the history remains and old records stay visible.

We are still trying to reconstruct enough evidence to register old records lost or destroyed before we had digital storage.  Many great achievements remain unratified as we cannot reconstruct the necessary details for a record entry, due to conflicting details and inadequate evidence. This is especially sad for records that are logistically much harder to even attempt nowadays, like CF and FS big ways, but is also a big loss of skydiving history and accolades across all disciplines. If you have any information you think can help reconstruct an old record into the books, please contact the PASA Judges Committee (PASA Contacts page).

If you want to attempt a record, the categories and requirements can still be found in the PASA Records Management document on the PASA website. 

Aim high!